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Whether you’re implementing a quality management system, trying to resolve a chronic problem, or need help facilitating a critical discussion, our team has the expertise to get you results and save you time and resources.  We work to give you the skills and knowledge you need to get quick results and continue getting those results when the consultant leaves.


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Our capabilities include:


²      Quality Management Systems – Implementation of ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 13485, etc.  We start with a gap assessment involving your key players, from which we define the gaps and improvements that can be made, we prioritize the actions, and leave you with an actionable project plan.  Most clients ask for on-going support, including coordinating the project, reviewing progress, defining processes, drafting documentation, and implementing processes.  We can conduct pre-registration audits to finish out the project and ensure all clauses are ready for registration.  We also provide internal auditor training for your auditors, or if you prefer, provide on-going auditing services.


²      Lean Manufacturing – Our experts can help you with all aspects of your lean manufacturing efforts.  From initial training, to assessment of opportunities, project facilitation, lead teams, 5S events, measuring results, and reviewing/reporting progress.


²      Auditing – Need to improve your quality system?  Need more effective audits?  Want more thorough audits?  Your internal people too busy to audit?  Our consultants are also system auditors that can provide professional audits.  See our auditing page.


²      Environmental Management Systems – Implementation of ISO 14001.  We can provide full-service support, including coordinating the project, reviewing progress, defining processes, drafting documentation, and implementing procedures.  In addition, we can conduct pre-registration audits to finish out the project and ensure you are ready for registration.


²      Access & Excel Paperless Solutions – Our experts can set up a paperless solution using your existing Microsoft Office software, such as supplier management, corrective & preventive action, nonconforming material, SPC, customer satisfaction, calibration, etc.


²      Continual Improvement – We can help you define an internal process for continual improvement.  We help you by setting up metrics, charts, data-management methods, and reports. We link the various elements of your business and the systems together into a comprehensive approach.  Or maybe you just need help or training on the use of data-analysis tools, we can help.


²      FMEA & Control Plans – Our staff assists clients in preparing FMEAs and Control Plans.  We can coach, facilitate, or lead the effort for you.  We’ll make sure you’ll getting value from these preventive tools.


²      SPC, Capability Studies, Gage R&R, etc – Our experience using statistical tools can help you find simple and valuable applications, decide what to do next, or give you some hands-on tips.


²      Supplier Quality Management – We can help you define and document your internal processes and metrics to control suppliers.  Or we can go on-site to your suppliers to assess, problem solve, or facilitate improvements.


²      Problem Solving – Our experts will coach, facilitate, or lead the effort for you, making sure you’re working efficiently to resolve the root cause of problems to prevent recurrence and implement preventive actions leveraging the lessons learned.  We’ll teach you the tools & techniques to use factual information and data to find root cause.  We’ll show you creative ways to generate the best solutions.


²      Customer Relationships – Everyone needs to proactively manage their relationship with customers.  We can help you resolve a major problem and get out of a hole.  We also help many clients implement customer satisfaction measurement processes to drive continual improvement and meet the ISO 9001 requirements.


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